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Camera Arrays for Motion Photogrammetry

Universal Capture (UC) is Digital Air's Worldwide 4D Capture Service

Digital Air develops hardware and software for multiple multi-camera array capture systems and workflows.

Following from our long history in multi-camera visual effects production, our 4D capture systems bring cost efficiency and control to camera systems for video photogrammetry, 4D scanning, free viewpoint video, holograms, holographic video, ucap, universal capture, augmented reality, virtual camera movement, and virtual reality. Whether your shoot is in Los Angles, London, New Zealand or Shanghai, we provide consulting, sales, and location-based services to the motion picture, games, VR, AR, and visual effects industries worldwide.

We work with the best companies in the industry and use the best available (and ever changing) resources, from cameras to software to servers, to get the technical work done as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible -- inventing workflows and building our own software and hardware as necessary -- because the more efficient the technical work is, the more creative the artistic work can be.

When we're not immersed in project-based production services, we license and sell our workflow-related products and consult on systems integration and client-specific workflow customizations.

Digital Air's Motion Photogrammetry Process

Ghost in the Shell images courtesy of Paramount.

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